Since 1950 R&Co has been focused on designing, furnishing, and refurbishing
houses, stores, offices, public concerns, and whole buildings.
With its projects, R&Co taps into the unexpressed potentials of environments
creating new looks and enhancing their comfort, charm, quality, and market value.
Each project, each furnishing option, each structural work is the result
of an on-going dialogue between the company and the customer, as well
as of an activity that perfectly combines a great wealth made of craft skills,
technological know-how, design skills, architectural skills, and a taste
for custom-made implementations.
R&Co does not offer any pre-defined projects, furniture, or structural interventions:
for over 60 years, the company has been working for & with its customers every
day, from the first contact to the post-‘turn-key’ stage.
Today R&Co is a groundbreaking company capable to play a variety of roles –
general contractor, engineering, architecture, and design studio, interior decorator,
building company – telling the story of a success founded on professionalism,
reliability, passion, and innovation.
Interiors and exteriors, furnishing and structures, façades and accessories,
major events and fairs – R&Co takes a comprehensive approach to satisfy
all demands and requirements. And there is more to that.
Established as a craft company, R&Co provides to its customers a specialized
workshop to design and produce custom-made furnishing items and systems.
To make the most of each environment with the best possible solutions.